What you will find in this document

Note: Do not download. Access this document via this page because the manual is going to be consistently updating and changing. You will be notified of any significant changes to the program/process.

Table of Contents:
-What is STREAM Girls?
-Activity Descriptions
-Chapter Information: Partnership Overview, Equipment Kit, Remaining Costs, Volunteer Pool, Event Checklist
-Colorado Trout Unlimited Resources: Sample Event Plan, Sample 1-Day Schedule, Sample STREAM Girls Event Flyer, Girl Scout Evaluation, Volunteer Evaluation, Girl Scout Packing List, STREAM Girls Safety Notes, CTU Photo Waiver, GSCO Photo Release, Trout Unlimited Youth Liability Waiver, Trout Unlimited Adult Liability Waiver, Emergency Contact Form
-National Trout Unlimited Resources: STREAM Girls Volunteer Guide, STREAM Girls Training Webinar, Dichotomous Key, STREAM Girls Patch Design, Shipwreck Beads, STREAM Girls Promo Video, STREAM Girls Instructional/Promo Video, Bulk Youth Membership Form, One-Page Reference Sheet, STREAM Girls Field Handbook, Certificate of Achievement, Patch Ordering Information