CTU Annual Reports



Colorado Trout Unlimited Annual Report 2017

"I am extremely proud of the accomplishments of TU in Colorado in 2017. Take for example our work on the Fraser River in Grand County. The Fraser is imperiled due to significant diversion of its volume for municipal use. TU is in the midst of a long-term, collaborative effort to protect and restore this crucial tributary to the Upper Colorado River. In 2017, TU and other stakeholders completed an initial habitat enhancement project that, in just a few months, already has resulted in dramatic improvement to the aquatic health of the river. The fight to 'Save the Fraser' will continue, and TU will be there to lead the charge!"

Cam Chandler, President, Colorado TU


Colorado Trout Unlimited Annual Report 2016

“Trout Unlimited was visible and active at all levels – local, state and national. TU’s commitment and effective work sold me on the worth and merit of the organization, and I have been an active member and supporter for over 20 years. And the results? Through advocacy and legal work, TU was successful in protecting the Gunnison River with the defeat of both of those issues. TU was also instrumental in working with Colorado Parks and Wildlife to research and resolve the issues of Whirling Disease in the Gunnison over the past 20 years. Today I am catching large Gunny rainbows (see photo) again in the canyon and am very thankful for all TU has done to restore “my fishing hole”!” 

Marshall Pendergrass, President, Colorado TU


Colorado Trout Unlimited Annual Report 2015

Collaboration is at the heart of many of our efforts, as we teamed with irrigators on conservation projects and flood restoration, engaged with public and private grantors to stretch the impact of our donors’ generous support, and partnered with agencies and water users to launch the cooperative “Learning by Doing” effort to conserve the Colorado River headwaters. The local relationships built by our 24 local Chapters allow TU to be an effective partner with these efforts all over the state.” 

Marshall Pendergrass, President, Colorado TU