Engage, Grow, and Sustain

Chapters are at the heart of Trout Unlimited's on-the-ground grassroots efforts. CTU is here to help chapters become involved in advocacy, state-wide projects, and events. In addition, CTU provides a platform for Chapters to grow their communications and outreach.

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members and Supporters

Membership is the foundation of Trout Unlimited's grassroots efforts. Members are what drive the volunteer efforts within the local communities and puts "boots on the ground". Being a member of TU helps sustain those efforts and makes organizing people for change much easier.


Engage Your Community & Take aDvantage of CTU's Outreach

We live in a digital world and yes we want to promote outdoor activity as much as possible, but we cannot ignore that almost everyone has an email address and Facebook account. Social media and online communications provide an easy and eco-friendly way to keep your membership updated and engaged on your events, volunteer opportunities, and success stories.


Live and Pre-Recorded webinars

TU volunteer leader trainings are a great way to increase your knowledge, access new resources and learn the tips, tactics and tools. Led by staff members as well as fellow volunteers, these trainings run the gamut of topics.


CTU Printables

These are free to download, print, and use as you see fit within your chapter.


  • 2018 Activity Brochure

  • Colorado Membership Card

  • POR Promotion Images


Tackle Box

This is where volunteer can access a plethora of information such as business practices, membership tools, TU policies, fundraising, conservation resources, and youth education projects/programs.

CTU logo-layers

We have a new logo to celebrate our 50th Anniversary! Please use it where you promote CTU online or in print. Thank you!


Chapter Leadership Newsletter

Contact Dan Omasta if you would like to be put on the list.

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This is a page for Chapters, so if you feel there is a resource missing, don't hesitate to send us a suggestion