Public Lands are Our Lands

It’s often said that Public Lands were America’s best idea. There are 640 million acres of public lands in the United States. These lands are owned by no one except every man, woman, and child fortunate enough to call themselves American. These lands are in the form of National and State Parks, preserves, monuments, national forests, BLM lands, wilderness areas, and so much more.

These open spaces are for everyone, no matter your race, gender, creed, or economic class. These areas offer everyone freedom. Freedom to hunt and fish, freedom to roan, and freedom for future generations.

In Colorado, over 22 million acres are public lands. These lands help drive the economy from both residents and tourists, provide escapes from daily life, and provide everyone with the opportunity to hunt, fish, hike, camp, and just be outdoors.

Colorado TU members and supporters show their appreciation for public lands and how these areas have affected their daily lives.

“There is a limit to the number of lands of shoreline on the lakes; there is a limit to the number of lakes in existence; there is a limit to the mountainous areas of the world, and . . . there are portions of natural scenic beauty which are God-made, and . . . which of a right should be the property of all people.”
— Arthur Carhart

79% of Coloradoan sportsmen and women call themselves conservationists.

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The It's All Yours campaign invites Americans to go play, go discover and go beyond on their National Forests and Grasslands. Hear from world-renowned athletes about why National Forests matter to them.

Birthright | A public Lands Story

The threat of losing our public lands looms large. That threat grows, passing like wildfire through halls of Congress and state capitols, spreading its invasive rhetoric in our communities. People with soft hands and expensive suits tell us "It's just transfer. It's not like we're selling them." It's not just transfer.

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