2019 Summer Youth Camp Video features youth learning about rivers and fly fishing

Greenback and CTU volunteer, Emma Brown, put together a great feature about the 2019 CTU River Conservation and Fly Fishing Youth Camp in Almont, CO. Check out the great video she filmed above!

The River Conservation and Fly Fishing Camp is a week long camp designed to educate 14 to 18 year old students on the importance of cold water conservation and provide hands-on fly fishing instruction. Approximately 20 students are selected each year based on their qualifications and a written essay on why they would like to attend the camp.

Camp classes include: Principles of Ecology, Hydrogeology, Aquatic Vertebrate and Invertebrate Sampling, Hydrology, Trout Behavior, Trout Stream Entomology, The Biology of Pollution, Acid Deposition, and Politics of Conservation and Human Effects on the Rocky Mountain.

In addition, the camp will include hands-on instruction on Fly Tying, Fly Casting, Stream-side Ethics, Angling Literature, Stream-side Botany, Wader Safety and Survival, and The Evolution of an
Angler. The campers will also participate in a watershed project to repair habitat in a nearby stream.

Anglers All and Below the Canopy Present: Truchón


NEW fly fishing film! Presented by Anglers All and Below the Canopy Media, this destination angling film is set in Chilean Patagonia. The Greenbacks of Colorado Trout Unlimited screened the film at their Field Season Kickoff party back on May 31. Don't worry if you missed it, because you can watch the full feature below.  

Presenting “Truchón!" This destination angling film set in Chilean Patagonia is all about saving up, stepping out of the regular routine and immersing yourself in the capable hands of Cinco Ríos Lodge! Filmed in the Spring of 2017, “Truchón” is a short glimpse into the vast angling opportunities for Trout & Salmon that exist in an area with more terrain variety then just about anywhere on the planet. During the on-location production for Anglers All Travel & Cinco Rios Lodge, angler/filmmakers Doug Garvey & Davis James experienced a full solar eclipse, low flying Andean Condors & open pit cooking amongst their filming and fishing schedule! In case your wondering, “Truchón” translates into English as “Big ole Brown Trout!” Filmed and Edited by Davis James Additional Filming by Doug Garvey Anglers: Doug Garvey & Davis James Guiding by Cinco Rios Lodge Produced by Chris Keely & Davis James Audio Mix & Design by Daryl Eakins