Stand Up for Your National Monuments

The Antiquities Act was put in place to protect America’s special outdoor sites. Sixteen presidents, both Republican and Democrat, have used the Antiquities Act to establish National Monuments to be enjoyed by all, now and in the future. New legislation in both the House and Senate want to take away that Presidential authority, as well as withdraw the protections that these natural hunting, fishing, hiking, and recreation sites depend on.

Proposed legislation in both the U.S. House (H.R. 3990) and Senate (S.33), threaten the integrity of the Antiquities Act and the future of our national monuments. For example, H.R. 3990 purposefully strips a President’s ability to create a national monument for reasons outside of historic artifacts – meaning that the long-established precedent for safeguarding hunting and fishing habitat, unique geologic sites, and delicate ecosystems will be gone.

National monuments do not take away access to hunting and fishing rights that existed prior to the land designation - and that goes for other valid, pre-existing uses such as grazing, OHVs, and even prescribed timber harvesting. The recent rollback of Monument designations by the President, along with the proposed legislation pending in Congress, will only reduce protections for key wildlife habitat and open the door to special interests who will threaten the long-term integrity and value of these remarkable public lands.

Speak up and let your Senators and Representatives know that we must uphold the principles of the Antiquities Act and say no to H.R. 3990 and S.33. You can easily let your representatives know with Colorado Trout Unlimited’s contact form where you can share your personal story.

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