Fly Fishing Argentina's Northern Patagonia

Over the last decade many cultures, which at one time were very different from ours, have become increasingly homogeneous. This is especially evident to those of us that travel for either work or pleasure. Unfortunately, one of the negative side effects of this “sameness” is that it is becoming harder and harder to find true adventure. Many of us conclude trips feeling as though the adventure we dreamed about and envisioned somehow eluded us or never materialized. If you have ever experienced these feelings or are just looking for some adventure - then head to Argentina’s Northern Patagonia. Here you will find a culture that is rich in tradition set against a landscape of natural beauty. More importantly, this is home to some of the best trout fishing on the planet. Discover this unique environment and experience firsthand its crystal clear rivers, pristine mountain lakes, numerous streams and unique spring creeks. One way to fulfill your quest for adventure is to combine fly-fishing with camping as your lodging option. This will provide you with the opportunity to fully immerse yourself into the Patagonia wilderness without skimping on the creature comforts. Imagine a day where you fish the river, stream or lake of your dreams and then conclude the evening gazing into the star filled southern sky. You will be experiencing a side of Argentina that most people will never know.

Andes Drifters, located in San Martin de los Andes, has perfected the art of deluxe camping. After multiple years of offering this unique lodging option they have literally equipped themselves to provide for all your needs. From sleeping bags and cots to solar showers and fine wines, it’s all included. They have thought of everything and your dedicated camp staff will pamper you so that you never have to lift a finger!

Another advantage to camping is the ability to fish water that may otherwise be inaccessible. Many rivers, streams and lakes in Patagonia are remote or have limited access. Camping becomes a practical lodging solution for those looking to fish on these waters less traveled. Equally important, camping allows you to maximize your time on the water, gives you a chance to fish the evening hatch and minimizes your time spent traveling.

If you are planning a trout-fishing trip to Argentina, give the deluxe camping option some consideration. You can choose this as a one-night option or consecutive nights on an extended float trip. Either way, this is a wonderful way to enjoy Patagonia.

About Andes Drifters

Andes Drifters is located in San Martin de los Andes, Argentina. Our northern Patagonia headquarters is home to some of the best trout fishing in the world. Our seasoned guide team would love to show you this angler’s paradise! If you would like more information please contact: Kevin Landon from Andes Drifters. or

Andes Drifters is a proud supporter of Colorado Trout Unlimited.

Argentina Dream Stream - Andes Drifters from Andes Drifters on Vimeo.