Collegiate Peaks Anglers Presidents Report

Number of Members    Active members 235

Best of 2006  


  • Cottonwood creek stream rehab project Fishing is Fun project
  • Colorado Gulch Artificial wetlands project (EAS)
  • Maxwell Creek Barrier construction (EAS)
  • South Hayden Creek habitat improvement (EAS)


  • 240 students – The Chapter has conducted yearly kids fishing derbies – under age 13 -- in Salida and Buena Vista.  We've done that for at least 15 years
  • 230 students – We have conducted youth education activities for students – 4th, 5th and high school --  in BV, Salida, Leadville, & Cotopaxi We teach about trout, do water quality, bug ID, and fly casting and fly tying instruction.
  • 80 students -- For the last 15 + years, we have worked every year with local 6th graders helping them learn about the needs of trout.  We do hands-on testing of water quality and bug identification for about 50-80 students each year.
  • 27 students -- Fly casting, bug identification, and fly tying classes through BV & Salida Recreation departments.

 Notable Lessons Learned, Struggles, Disappointments or Failures

Out of our 235 members 110 members volunteered for at least one activity during the year.