Cheyenne Mountain Presidents Report

The time of year we have all been waiting is here at last. The snow is melting, the bugs are hatching and the fish are beginning to move. All those dreams during those long winter nights are about to become a reality. I hope that each of you take the time to commune with nature, the stream, and your fly rod.

Your board of directors has been busy with the mission of the chapter and we want to invite you to join in and participate. I know it is tough enough to find time to commune with a stream without donating some of that time to chapter activities but as you all know and exhibit through your membership, without our diligence, that stream might not be there the next time you want to go fishing. If you would like to volunteer for a project, please contact Sam Humpert at

Some of you might know and remember that a few years ago CMCTU was contacted by a group of friends to a young man who had recently been killed in an auto accident. These friends wanted to establish a conservation type of memorial fund to remember Eric Stanslowski, and avid outdoorsman. They found our chapter and together we created the Eric Stanslowski memorial fund. From this fund, your board makes a contribution to a conservation project each year that is consistent with our mission. I thought you should all know that we have recently been contacted by Eric’s parents with the news that Eric’s brother Scott was recently killed in a snowmobile accident. As a memorial to Scott, contributions have been coming to CMCTU to add to Eric’s fund in the name of Scott

Fountain Creek is a local neighborhood stream that most of us drive right by but seldom think about dropping a line in it. Recently your board of directors has voted to become involved in the clean up, restoration/improvement of Fountain Creek. You may have notice that the Department of Transportation is working on a greenbelt project along Fountain Creek from Manitou Springs to Colorado Springs. Your board has decided that channelizing the stream and putting in hard surfaces for bicycles and walkers is not our idea of a greenbelt. As a result we are becoming involved both in the planning of this greenbelt project as well as leading by example. CMCTU members are representing us with another group of activist to improve the stream as it passed through Manitou Springs. It is our desire to restore this portion of Fountain Creek back to a natural flowing stream to the extent possible and there by creating an example of what can be accomplished. It is our intent to then use this example to influence the Highway 24 greenbelt project. Your help, support, and interest would be greatly appreciated.

CMCTU, with the help of CTU, has recently submitted an application for additional protection for both Severy Creek and Bear creek to the Colorado Water board. This application includes the testing results of the water samples collected by some of our members in the River Watch program as well as additional sample data collected such a E. Coli and Silver content., Stream flow and minimum flow data. It is our hope that during its meeting this summer, the Colorado Water board will designate these two streams as “High Quality water”. This will provide additional protection to these streams and the pure Colorado Greenback Cutthroat trout that live there.