Farewell to a legend: Lefty Kreh

The great Lefty Kreh passed away Wednesday at 93 years young. Considered by many to be the greatest of fly casting instructors, Lefty was one of the leaders in popularizing saltwater fly fishing and his Lefty's Deceiver fly gained such renown that it was featured on a US Postage Stamp in 1991.  Conservation was also a part of Lefty's legacy, as he was a leader in promoting the catch-and-release ethic among the fishing community. The New York Times features an obituary describing Lefty's notable and colorful life in fly fishing: Lefty Kreh, a Fly Fisherman With Few Peers, Is Dead at 93.

An inductee in the International Game Fish Association's Hall of Fame, Kreh was introduced to fly fishing by Joe Brooks.  The Hall of Fame profile on Kreh offers a great summation of what Lefty meant to fly fishing.  It concludes simply and fittingly:

His greatest accomplishment may be that he has never failed to help just about every person who has sought his assistance and advice. It is said that when Lefty asked Joe Brooks - the man who had so enriched his life - how he could repay him, Brooks replied, “Just share with others what I have shared with you.” And for more than 50 years, Lefty Kreh has been doing just that.