Stand Up For Clean Water

Headwaters matter! A 2015 EPA rule protected headwaters, affirming Clean Water Act protections for intermittent and ephemeral streams - those that don't necessarily flow at all times, but that feed into larger downstream waterways during times of snowmelt or following rain. These feeder streams —the source waters of our nation’s great rivers —support fisheries and provide drinking water for more than 117 million Americans. Now, however, the EPA is proposing to repeal the 2015 rule, and then to replace it with a standard that would remove Clean Water Act protection from seasonal headwater streams and associated wetlands.

This move could strip Clean Water Act protection from the 70% of Colorado waterways that are seasonal or intermittent. You can read more about this issue from the Denver Post.

Protecting these waters is essential to ensuring that adjacent and downstream waters remain clear, clean hand healthy for fish and people alike. Anglers understand that river protection must start at the source - in the headwaters.

You can help by weighing in now with EPA and your elected officials!  Click here for more information and to use a simple online form to email your comments to federal agencies and your legislators.   EPA is accepting comments through September 27 - so act soon and make your voice heard!

You can also help by sharing your photos and stories about fishing or otherwise using high-country waterways that could suffer from the loss of protection for their headwaters. You can send your photos and stories to us through Dan Omasta, Grassroots Coordinator, at email domasta@ Your real-world examples will help us educate decision-makers about why our headwaters matter!

Stand up for Clean Water today!