Chapter Youth Education Feedback

Chapter Leaders, As many of you may already know, CTU is undergoing a review of its statewide youth education program.  The goal of this process is to create a strategic plan that will help CTU better support local chapter initiatives, increase revenue for youth programming, and develop more targeted state-level projects.  We are reaching out to you to get your initial feedback.  Before we dive into the planning process, we want to see where CTU and its chapters currently stand – that means identifying current programs, goals, and participants.


In order to help us develop a program that will best support your youth education efforts on the ground please provide the following information:

  • What youth education programs you currently have in place;
  • What programs you are working on or would like to see in the future;
  • The number of participants (youth ages 5-25) that you reach through your current programming;
  • The number of partners (teachers, community orgs., etc.) that you work with to implement these programs
  • How CTU can best support your youth education efforts


Please feel free to distribute this email to your members who are involved with these efforts.  We are hoping to have responses by Friday, June 2 in order to begin moving forward with the next phase of the plan.  We understand that collecting this data will demand some work on your end and we greatly appreciate your effort here.  By getting your input on the front end of this planning process, we hope to craft a stronger youth program that will provide your chapter with the additional support it needs to continue the great work that you do.

Please reply to Dan Omasta or Jeff Florence

Please let us know if you have any thoughts or questions.



Dan and Jeff