Embrace-a-Stream Grants

Bring in up to $10,000 dollars to support a conservation project in your watershed! Have an idea for a conservation project, community education program, or public lands campaign? The Embrace-a-Stream grant program can help your chapter raise up to $10,000 dollars for the initial implementation of efforts that promote healthy coldwater fisheries in your area.  Chapters must contact their regional Embrace-a-Stream representative (Bill Schudlich, highmesa@gmail.com) with their project ideas by APRIL 15 in order to qualify. You do not need to have specific project details for the initial conversation, but you must inform your representative that you are interested in pursuing this funding source!

A Quick Overview

Embrace-A-Stream (EAS) is a matching grant program administered by TU that awards funds to TU chapters and councils for coldwater fisheries conservation. Since its inception in 1975, EAS has funded more than 1,000 individual projects for a total of $4.4 million in direct cash grants.

The Details

Who Can Apply?

A TU chapter or council must be the primary applicant, but government agencies, non-profits, and other groups are strongly encouraged to partner with TU. There must be significant TU involvement in the planning and execution of the project to warrant funding, and projects which include strong chapter capacity and/or community building components are highly encouraged.

What It Will Fund

  • On-the-ground restoration, protection, or conservation efforts that benefit trout and salmon fisheries and their habitats
  • Education or outreach projects that increase the awareness and support of coldwater conservation among a non-TU audience.
  • Applied research, assessment, or monitoring that addresses the causes of fisheries or watershed problems and helps develop management solutions
  • Advocacy efforts that will positively influence government planning or policy to benefit coldwater resources, including coalition building with other partner organizations
  • Feasibility studies, campaign planning, or other tools that will directly contribute to TU’s imminent ability to benefit coldwater resources
  • Projects that increase the internal capacity of the chapter or council to directly benefit coldwater resources.
  • Any other well planned and feasible project that will provide direct benefit to coldwater resources

How Projects Are Evaluated

Applications will be evaluated based on four key criteria:

Conservation Impact

Strengthening overall TU Impact in the community or watershed

Public education, engagement, and outreach (especially for non-TU members)

Technical Merit


Successful applicants will have two years to implement their Embrace-a-Stream project.

Matching Requirements

Chapters must provide a 1:1 match for requested funds.  Matching dollars can be cash and/or volunteer hours ($23.07/hr.).

Important Deadlines

April 15, 2017:    Deadline for chapter/council to make initial contact with EAS Committee Representative about proposed project

May 15, 2017:    Deadline for draft application to be sent to EAS Committee Representative.  This step is intended to help chapters address shortcomings in and improve their applications prior to the final submission deadline.

July 15, 2017:      Final deadline for applications

Sept. 29, 2017:   Embrace-A-Stream Committee grant selection meeting

October 2017:    Grant announcement letters are mailed

October 2017:    Grant checks will be deposited in the chapter or council bank account. Please ensure that your bank routing information is on file with TU. Contact Kyle Smith (ksmith@tu.org) to update your information, if needed.

Important Next Steps

For more information, visit: http://www.tu.org/conservation/watershed-restoration-home-rivers-initiative/embrace-a-stream

Contact your Embrace-a-Stream Representative for Colorado:

Bill Schudlich

Southern Rockies



For additional questions or for more information, contact:

Dan Omasta

Colorado Trout Unlimited, Grassroots Coordinator