Trout Unlimited Trout Tips

Trout Unlimited Vice President of Trout Media and Editor of Trout Magazine, Kirk Deeter, brings us Trout Tips- a video series with basic tips to help make everyone a better fly angler. Not only is Deeter a fantastic writer and magazine editor, he's a guide and a fly fisher with more than 30 years of experience with the long rod.

"Whenever I'm fortunate enough to fish with Kirk, I pay attention. I watch him cast. I watch what he's looking at when he fishes. I watch how he reads water. I almost always pick up a tip or two. Fishing with Kirk makes me a better angler," says Chris Hunt, TU Director of Communications.

Trout Tips has produced over 10 short videos, each offering a unique tips or advice that can help anglers of every skill level catch more fish.

Visit or visit the Trout Tips YouTube Playlist for a complete list of all videos.