World Fly Fishing Championship In Vail

Last year we saw the World Youth Fly Fishing Championships come to Colorado. This year, the adults came to compete on the waters in Colorado's Eagle Valley. Team USA finished in third place, earning a bronze medal after catching 289 fish. While France (302 fish) and Spain (293 fish) won Gold and Silver, respectively. Throughout the event, 3,802 total fish were caught and safely released.

USA team member, Lance Egan placed with the individual bronze medal with 60 fish caught.

The teams fished on sections of the Blue River, Eagle River, and Colorado River. As well as one "loch" sector at Sylvan Lake state park. "Loch means lake and signifies still water fishing.  Anglers fish in pairs on drift boats," according to the FIPS website. "The term “loch-style” is used to describe a method of still water fishing where the flies are cast, presented, and retrieved ahead of the drift of a boat, as it’s blown across the surface of a lake."

Teams were allowed practice sessions in the three days prior to the event starting to get  a feel for the water, fish, and tactics to use while on the water.

The event also featured a conservation symposium, hosted by Colorado Trout Unlimited and sponsored by Eagle Valley TU. The symposium featured a screening of Patagonia's Dam Nation Film. Following the film was a speakers panel, including representatives from CTU and Colorado Parks and Wildlife, that talked about different conservation issues going on in Colorado and throughout the United States.

Colorado Trout Unlimited is a proud sponsor of Team USA Fly Fishing and is proud of the team's accomplishments and achievements during the Fly Fishing Championships in Vail.