Rain Barrels are Officially Legal!

On Wednesday, August 10, using a a barrel to collect rain water is legal in Colorado. Coloradans can now collect up to 110 gallons of rain water and store it for outdoor usage on yards, gardens, or plants. According to Conservation Colorado, using rain barrels could conserve up to 1,200 gallons of water each year per household. A study by the state of Colorado found that in just Douglas County alone, 97 percent of rain water was lost to evaporation and vegetation. Using these barrels, the rain will be collected in a covered unit to reduce the amount of evaporation.

Using rain barrels will also allow users to become more connected to water- the most valuable resource in the West. When collecting water through a rain barrel, it will give users a better idea of how much water they have received recently, how much they're using, and how clean the water is.

For anglers using a rain barrel will not only help keep water in rivers but it will also provide a demonstration of the current state of water. The barrel's fluctuation provides a good example of how the highs and lows of rivers fluctuate with rainfall amounts.

For more information about the collecting rain water, visit The State Website or check out this Fact Sheet from CSU