Tom Jones Honored at National Meeting

Colorado Trout Unlimited Southwest Regional VP, Tom Jones, was honored at the National TU annual meeting as the recipient of the Griffith Award for distinguished service in leadership. Jones is out of Durango and volunteers with the 5 Rivers chapter of Colorado TU where he works to raise awareness and protect amazing wild and native trout habitat in places like the Alpine Triangle.

"Serving as Chair of the New Initiatives work group for five years gave me the opportunity to see the extraordinary level of talent and passion that exists in TU, both staff and volunteers," said Jones. "To be selected for the Griffith Award by this exceptional organization is an honor that I will always cherish."

Jones also helped lead the effort in protecting the Hermosa Creek Wilderness. In December, Congress passed the The Hermosa Creek Watershed Protection Act, along with a handful of other public land bills, was attached as riders to the National Defense Authorization Act that protected Hermosa Creek wilderness area.