Meet the Summer Interns!

Colton Gully and I, Lizzy Wiegers, are most excited about being a part of CTU. We have been working for CTU since June, but have been so busy we nearly forgot to introduce ourselves! About Colton: 

Above all I am thankful to have an internship with an organization that is as passionate about protecting and promoting healthy fish as I am. I am and always will be a fly fisherman. I first picked up a fly rod my freshman year of high school, and after I caught my first fish I was hooked. It just so happened my grade school friend turned into my fishing buddy, and my connection to the fish and the river was strengthened through our combined love of the sport. This past year I have been to school in the Pacific Northwest at Western Washington University; a place so different from home I could still find Colorado on the Nooksack fly fishing.

The Greenback recovery project is as exciting as it gets. We have the opportunity to recover a species of fish that was thought to be extinct. Through my work on this project I hope to convey the importance of these beautiful native trout to the public through social media, journalistic writing, blog posts and website design. Also, this Internship is a perfect stepping stone toward my future goals of working to protect wild spaces throughout our country and maybe even the world.

About Lizzy: 

My name is Lizzy Wiegers and I’m a Colorado native, water enthusiast, and lover of aquatic creatures, nature, dogs, and books. I am going into my sophomore year at Oregon State University where I will be studying English and Environmental Science. Growing up in Colorado, one of the most beautiful states in the country, allowed me to develop a strong relationship with the outdoors at a very early age. During my first year of college I was able to truly understand how important it is to preserve the resources nature has to offer so everyone and everything living throughout the nation can remain happy, and healthy. I am beyond excited about being a part of CTU for the summer so I can help TU strengthen their voice, gain more members, and piece together the stories from chapters throughout the state to better show who CTU is as a whole.