Wake-up call for Colorado River users

As the California drought continues, Colorado River water users are reminded of the importance of working together to effectively address water needs in the basin.  There are a variety of interests competing for water rights, however it is only through a collaborative effort that we will see success in meeting the diverse water needs.  As Eric Kuhn, general manager of the Colorado River Water Conservation District points out, “collaboration is needed today to keep us ahead of our significant water challenges, before they spiral into a crisis that pits one water use sector against another.” Trout Unlimited is committed to continue to work with and engage agriculture, municipal and industrial stakeholders in finding innovative and effective solutions in meeting future water needs.  Colorado TU’s Randy Scholfield recently wrote an op-ed piece highlighting the Upper Colorado River Basin and the current efforts going on there – you can read it here.

To get involved in this effort please email Stephanie Scott at sscott@tu.org