Behind the Fin: Matt Moskal

  • Name: Matt Moskal
  • Colorado Native
  • Class of CU Boulder 2010
  • Works at Merrill Lynch on a wealth management team with his father
  • Best Quote from Matt: "After seeing the spectacle of trout smashing giant Salmon Flies on the surface, she became addicted for life. It was fun to watch her curiosity grow to infatuation right before my eyes. She is now a TU member and one of the better anglers that I know. She even out fishes me, but only occasionally."

For some, they're born with a passion to fish. For others, the passion is born into them. For CTU member, Matt Moskal, the passion for fishing came to him when he was in college just a few years ago.

Moskal doesn't come from a large family of fishermen so getting into the sport wasn't necessarily a big priority for him; until he went off to school at University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado. From there, his obsession for fly fishing was born.

Realizing the beauty within nature, Moskal decided he wanted to help preserve and protect the land and waters in which he loves to fish. With a strong emphasis from his mom, he learned as a child that it is important to give back in any way that he could. So three years ago, he joined TU to help preserve and protect "the spectacular natural playground that we have in our backyard."

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As a member of CTU, Moskal has gone about his mission to give back through various volunteer efforts and projects. One of his favorite was a mine reclamation in Alma, Colorado. While working with the Coalition for the Upper South Platte (CUSP), Moskal and other volunteers helped enhance the water quality by cleaning out the water toxins in the river by going right at the source.

"By resolving the toxic problem at its origin, our work truly had a measurable, positive impact on the health of the South Platte," said Moskal. "After the work was done I remember I had an excellent afternoon of dry fly fishing downstream from the project and felt very satisfied that those fish were in good hands."

Being relatively new to both the sport of fly fishing and Colorado Trout Unlimited, Moskal enjoys learning more about fishing, conservation and CTU as much as he can. In October of last year CTU put on a New Leaders Training in Grand Junction, Colorado, where members can learn more about their chapter and ways to improve it.

"The New Leaders Training in Grand Junction this October was another favorite event. The minds of TU’s leaders are remarkable. I was honored to meet other chapter board members and I left feeling more educated than ever about TU’s mission in Colorado."

Becoming a avid fly fisherman over the last few years, Moskal has since taught and helped educate others about the sport and CTU's mission. While backpacking through Black Canyon in the Gunnison Gorge, Moskal watched right before his eyes, his close friend become amazed and infatuated by the beauty of wild trout and fishing.


"After seeing the spectacle of trout smashing giant Salmon Flies on the surface, she became addicted for life," said Moskal. "It was fun to watch her curiosity grow to infatuation right before my eyes. She is now a TU member and one of the better anglers that I know. She even out fishes me, but only occasionally."


Along with protecting and restoring our natural rivers and streams in Colorado, Moskal also enjoys wading into the rivers to cast his line. Like many fisherman he won't reveal his secret spots but he enjoys the waters between Kremmling and Hot Sulphur Springs as well as 11 Mile canyon during the spring time runoff.

Although he claims that nymphing is "unquestionably" the best way to catch the biggest fish in the stream, he still prefers to fish with dry flies right on the surface, "To me, watching the fish rise and eat is the best part of the process. I just don’t get the same adrenaline rush from watching a bobber."

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When he isn't fishing, Moskal is either skiing during the winter months or in downtown Denver where he lives and works with his father at Merrill Lynch on a wealth management team. To keep with his mother's teachings that he should help to give back in any way possible, Moskal enjoys working with families as clients to them financially. Being able to see his dad everyday is another big plus for Moskal.

The passion of fly fishing doesn't have to be born and bred. It can come in a split second on the water or in nature. The adrenaline rush of watching a trout rise to eat a fly tied to the end of your line is like nothing else. And Matt Moskal discovered that a few years ago while in college and has never looked back. Since then, he has been actively involved with Colorado Trout Unlimited through volunteer efforts, leadership trainings and even recruiting others.