Fraser the Fish - The Man… The Fish… The Legend…

Behind that beautiful scaly head (ok it’s actually furry) is a hard working volunteer!!  CTU staff lucked out when we found Dustin McCory.  Or is it that he found us?

Dustin made a phone call to CTU one fateful day in 2013 “How can I get involved?”  Not a member of any one chapter, nor aware of what he was about to get himself into, he remembers the pause on the other end of the line…

“Are you available this weekend?” -  CTU Outreach Coordinator Stephanie Scott had just recruited her next Fraser.

“I was scared to death…terrified.  As soon as I put the head on, all the fear went away”

“It is difficult - I can’t see very well, and it is very heavy.  I almost fell off a stage once.”

Without further ado; the man behind the fish…


Dustin McCory

Dustin’s transformation into our hardworking fish began a deeper very personal transformation.  A web developer by day, he once allowed work to consume his life.  “I lived in Avon for two years, and never once fished…TU brought me back to fishing.” In his journey back to himself, he is compelled to leave the computer screen behind every chance he gets. Dustin spent every weekend in 2014 from June through October camping, hiking, and fishing.  “I just get in my car and go.”  It seems he is finding a more balanced life; time alone, time on a river, new friends, and fish heads…

                                                                                   by - Rachel Kohler

Next Sighting:  2014 Fly-Fishing Rendezvous – November 22/23 – The Apex Center, Arvada CO.

This weekend he is traveling with CTU staff to the Fly Fishing Rendezvouz!! Come on down, meet the legend, and start the conversation with your kids about why we must protect headwaters like the Fraser River.



"Will Work for Water"

The Fraser River, a major tributary of the Colorado River, flows from Berthoud Pass to the town of Granby. Denver Water is currently draining most of the Fraser River’s flows through its Moffat Collection System pipeline—and it wants to take more.