West Denver Chapter cleans up Clear Creek

September 27th saw several miles of Clear Creek Canyon made beautiful again, thanks to many volunteers organized through The West Denver Chapter. The effort brought help from Colorado Women Flyfishers, and youth from Achieve Academy of Mapleton School District.  These 6th & 7th graders got down and dirty as part of their involvement with the South Platte River Explorers Program.  This clean-up was the inaugural activity in a series of educational experiences centering on watershed science and fishing!  Volunteers gathered at Mountain Tool and Feed in Idaho Springs, who generously offered their site for parking, and a BBQ lunch following the clean-up. The West Denver Chapter does a great job organizing this clean-up annually in the fall.   Thanks to its proximity to the Front-Range, Clear Creek is second in the state for recreational users, including anglers, rafters, and kayakers.

S Platte Explorers CC S Platte Explorers CC 2

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