Clean Water Act worth bolstering, says Summit County Commissioner

Summit County Commissioner Karn Stiegelmeier penned an op-ed piece that ran in the Denver Post on August 4th, supporting the proposed new "Waters of the United States" rulemaking by the EPA as an important step in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of Clean Water Act permitting processes.  The piece is well worth the read, and you can find it online by clicking here. The EPA rulemaking is a key step in ensuring that headwater and feeder streams, which may not flow year-round, are still afforded protection under the Clean Water Act. Commissioner Stiegelmeier sums up the bottom line for Summit County and Colorado as a whole: "Healthy waterways benefit the whole state by protecting and enhancing recreational opportunities. For those of us living and working in Summit County, protecting our waters means protecting our clean water and our tourism economy. The proposed rule is a thoughtfully crafted, urgently needed clarification to protect Colorado's waterways."

The EPA is taking public comment on the Waters of the United States through October.  You can add your voice in support of protecting headwater streams by visiting our action alert and submitting your comments to the EPA, and sharing them with your Senators and US Representative.