Browns Canyon Campaign in Full Pursuit

Colorado is home to some of the most natural and beautiful landscapes all across the country. It’s only right to want to keep the land protected. Right now protecting Browns Canyon is one of Colorado Trout Unlimited's highest priorities. With some help, Browns Canyon can become the next National Monument. Recently, former Colorado Governor, Bill Ritter wrote an opinion piece for the Denver Post pushing for Coloradans to make the area a National Monument right now.BrownsCanyonJohnFielder

The current bill was proposed by Sen. Mark Udall will help protect roughly 22,000 acres of Browns Canyon and the outlying land. In 2005, a similar effort was introduced by Congressman Joel Hefley and Sen. Wayne Allard. The first bill was derailed by special interest groups. However, it had over 100 businesses behind the bill including all of the Colorado Congressional Council.

As a National Monument, Browns Canyon will receive protection forever and provide a testament to the state’s rich and proud sporting tradition. The status will help protect the land from irresponsible development from mining companies and help keep the land healthy.

Browns Canyon RaftAlong with protecting fish and game in the area, a National Monument status will improve the local economy. Colorado is a recreation enthusiast’s heaven and an estimated 200,000 tourists will visit the area this summer for recreational activities, including white water rafting and hiking. According to a Denver Post article, Browns Canyon will generate more than $55 million this summer.

A National Monument status will keep this area protected forever. The land is used by anglers, hunters and recreation fanatics alike and all of them want to see the land protected for future generations to enjoy just as they have done.

Recently, the Arkansas River had 100 miles of water designated as a Gold Medal fishery. Part of this section includes Browns Canyon. Anglers enjoy the great fishing opportunities while hunters enjoy the rugged landscape and the game the area is home to; including elk, bighorn sheep, deer and mountain lions.

For anglers and hunters, the plentiful opportunities will still be there and this will not reveal or affect any secret spots. With the status, Browns Canyon and the surrounding land will be protected from outside sources disrupting the site.

Currently, mining claims have been made in the canyon so it is very important to act now in making the land a National Monument. Mining could disrupt the natural landscape of the area and affect hunting and fishing opportunities.SBC

Colorado Trout Unlimited has been pushing a new campaign called Sportsmen for Browns Canyon which is a coalition of sportsmen and women who want to see Browns Canyon be protected and conserved forever under the status of a National Monument.

For more information on the bill visit the Denver Post Article and please show support for the legislation by commenting on the article.Senator Udall needs to know that there are anglers, sportsmen, and conservationist behind him that support the National Monument designation.

For more information on the Sportsmen for Browns Canyon effort visit or email Kyle Perkins at