Evergreen Trout Unlimited is Helping Sponsor Outdoors Day

Evergreen Trout Unlimited is taking a year off of their Annual Fourth of July event and in return they are partnering with Colorado Parks and Wildlife for the Evergreen Outdoor Skills Day on Sunday, June 29. Evergreen logoThe event will take place at Evergreen Lake Park from 9am to 2pm. Kids of all ages and skill levels can partake in fly and spin cast fishing, guided nature walks and with help from Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, kids can learn more about hunters safety.

A free lunch and other great prizes will be awarded throughout the day.

In a press release provided by Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Joe Nicholson, wildlife officer for the Evergreen area said, "We'd like to see every family have the opportunity to experience some of the wildlife-related recreation that goes on in Colorado to maintain our populations and the health of our wildlife. Learning about the wildlife nearby and understanding our heritage is critical to the future of this precious natural resource."

Evergreen Trout Unlimited is providing volunteers to help with the fly tying activities, help kids practice both their fly and spin casting technique, how to properly catch and handle a fish, and how to bait the hooks.

If you are interested in volunteering with Evergreen Trout Unlimited for the event, contact John Ellis at jellis@enbColorado.com. For more information regarding attending the event, please RSVP at http://www.register-ed.com/programs/colorado/118-colorado-outreach.