New Fundraising Partnership

The Colorado Council and TU National have joined forces in a new partnership to strengthen individual donor fundraising efforts to support TU’s work in Colorado.  With over two dozen staff on-the-ground in Colorado, the need for coordination between all levels of the organization is vital.  The new partnership is staffed by Chris Herrman, Colorado Director, Coldwater Conservation Fund (CCF). You can now direct individual contributions of $1000 or more for Colorado programs and projects, both Council and National, through the Coldwater Conservation Fund.  CCF members enjoy benefits including exclusive trips and special gear. Donors of $1,200 or more directed to the Council through CCF, will also enjoy the benefits of our River Stewardship Council.

You can still support the Council or National directly through the web pages or the various mail-based campaigns. Regardless of how you give, thank you for your support!

To learn more about how you can support the work of TU in Colorado, visit the Coldwater Conservation Fund online.

Contact Chris Herrman, Colorado Director, CCF, via email here.