Colorado Continues Commitment to Water Quality Through Grant Awards

Governor Hickenlooper today announced state grants to local governments and special districts to help meet the challenge of protecting water quality from nitrogen and phosphorus pollution.  The Governor highlighted the importance of clean water to Colorado's communities and economy, while noting the importance of the State being a partner in dealing with the financial burden of meeting these water quality standards.  Colorado TU and its partners at Conservation Colorado, High Country Citizens Alliance, and San Juan Citizens Alliance issued a joint statement: "We are excited to join Governor Hickenlooper today to announce the awarding of grants to help domestic wastewater treatment plants address the serious problem of nitrogen and phosphorus pollution in our streams and rivers. By awarding these grants, Governor Hickenlooper and the Colorado State Legislature continue their commitment to protecting water quality and healthy flows.

Water is a fundamental component of our life in Colorado - it is vital to growing our crops, supports our world class trout fishing, and is critical to Colorado’s burgeoning beer brewing industry. But nitrogen and phosphorous pollution present a real risk to our rivers and streams. If levels creep too high, they degrade water quality, cause algae growth, reduce the clarity of our waters, and negatively impact aquatic life by diminishing dissolved oxygen.

As a result of this growing problem, in 2012, Colorado adopted strong regulations and standards to address increasing pollution in our waterways. These standards take into account our multi-billion dollar recreation economy because protecting water quality IS good for business.

This past spring, our legislature and Governor Hickenlooper took the next step through House Bill 1191 which will help communities across Colorado implement these standards. We are fortunate through the passage of legislation and the awarding of these grants, the State is able to provide meaningful funding to begin to address our water quality problems.

We applaud Governor Hickenlooper and his commitment to strong phosphorus and nitrogen pollution controls. In doing so he supports the health of Colorado’s and the nation’s waterways. By creating these standards - and the means to implement them - we are working to protect the health of our water and economy."

Pete Maysmith, Conservation Colorado David Nickum, Colorado Trout Unlimited Dan Randolph, San Juan Citizens’ Alliance Greg Dyson, High Country Citizens Alliance