Anglers & Hunters Say "Thanks" to Bennet and Tipton for Hermosa

Colorado TU, in conjunction with its partners in the Sportsmen for Hermosa coalition, have recently launched a series of advertisements in local newspapers and on southwest Colorado radio to thank Rep. Scott Tipton and Sen. Michael Bennet for their leadership in introducing the Hermosa Creek Watershed Protection Act.  (Read more about the new legislation here.) Print ads thanking the Congressman and Senator for their bipartisan efforts appeared in western Colorado newspapers including the Durango Herald, Silverton Standard, and Grand Junction Daily Sentinel. (Click here to see a larger PDF version of the advertisements,)  Radio ads will be airing in early July as well, featuring local sportsman and TU member Buck Skillen giving voice to the appreciation hunters and anglers have for our elected officials stepping up to protect the Hermosa watershed - a mecca for wild and native trout fishing and big game hunting that includes one of Colorado's most valued backcountry "roadless" areas.

"Senator Michael Bennet and Congressman Scott Tipton: thank you for making the effort to preserve the Hermosa Creek Watershed," Skillen said in his radio spot. "Through your joint  efforts, our children and grandchildren will continue to have the opportunity to enjoy our backcountry heritage of fishing and hunting in the San Juan Mountains."

Trout Unlimited's Ty Churchwell added, "As sportsmen we often ask our elected officials to help protect important habitat and access for hunting and fishing, and we need to be just as ready to express appreciation. So we're very happy to have this chance to say a heartfelt thank you to Senator Bennet and Congressman Tipton for their work to protect one of southwest Colorado's real hunting and angling treasures."