Summit High students release Rainbows into the Blue

More than 50 members of Christopher Lambrecht’s Stream Ecology class have moved on. No, they’re not graduating. In fact, they’re not even students — they’re rainbow trout.

The trout, which hatched from eggs donated to the classroom by the nonprofit organization Trout Unlimited, were released into the Blue River Friday.

“This is a big day for these guys,” Lambrecht said before the release. “It will be strange not to have the tank in here.”

The stream ecology students have been involved with the trout from the very beginning. The class, which requires an application and teacher permission to join, is popular among high school students. Lambrecht said the class is intended to be “a biology class from a fisherman’s perspective,” with the goal of educating the students on the biology and chemistry behind steam and river ecology, as well as its potential for recreational enjoyment. One of the aspects that make the class popular is its hands-on outdoor components. Students regularly visit the river across the street from the high school, gathering insects to study and taking other data-gathering measurements.

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