Coloradoans LOVE their Trout!

The results are in, and apparently Colorado fishermen prefer their trout with a side of trout. And a trout chaser. So say the 1,404 respondents out of 3,000 licensed anglers asked to take part  in the  2012 Colorado Angler Survey commissioned by Colorado Parks and  Wildlife. Among residents and nonresidents who replied, the four most  commonly targeted species of fish were rainbow trout (23 percent), brown trout  (17 percent), cutthroat trout (12 percent) and lake trout (11 percent). And  while it might seem like those cold-water fish were selected because they're the  ones anglers have the greatest opportunity to fish,  the survey compiled by CPW  human dimensions specialist Stacy Lischka indicates that those who fish in  Colorado really can't get enough trout.

Forty-six percent of resident anglers surveyed wanted additional fishing  opportunities for rainbow, brown and cutthroat trout. Nonresidents favored  brown, cutthroat and lake trout, with 64 percent desiring additional  opportunities to fish for those species.

One of the coolest things about fishing in Colorado is the opportunity to  catch nearly 30 species of game fish. The vast majority of them are stocked by  CPW, with rainbow, cutthroat and brown trout making up most of the agency's  hatchery fish. Out of 17 CPW hatcheries, 13 focus almost entirely on trout.

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