Evans Wins Leadership in Conservation Award

At Rendezvous 2013, Jo Evans was presented with the Bruce Hoagland Award for Leadership in Conservation. Jo is just the fifth person to receive this award, Colorado TU's highest honor. Jo served as Colorado TU’s legislative lobbyist for 20 years. The highlights:

  • Expanding the In-Stream Flow program to allow it to actually improve the health of streams – not just keep bare survival flows.
  • Negotiating the overhaul of mining regulations in the wake of the Summitville disaster.
  • Playing an integral part in developing the Great Outdoors Colorado program.
  • Rallying conservationists to take up the fight against Referendum A – and winning it.
  • Defeating more than 30 regulatory takings bills.
  • Building a bipartisan respect for – and trust in – Trout Unlimited as a reliable, balanced, and committed organization.

More recently, as a board member and currently as the Lundy family representative for the Silver Trout Foundation, she was an integral part of revising the Foundation’s bylaws and practices to restore a stronger connection – financially and organizationally – with Colorado TU. She has been a trusted friend, advisor and mentor to generations of TU leaders, leading both by example and as a patient teacher helping new volunteer leaders learn the ropes both of conservation issues as complex as water law and in teaching them how to be more effective conservation advocates.

While her forte was engaging Colorado TU effectively in political matters, she ensured that our mission and not politics guided decisions. She has always helped Colorado TU and its leaders remember that protecting the health of our fisheries and rivers has remained our guiding star. “If you do what is right for the resource, you will not go wrong.”

In presenting the award, Colorado TU Executive Director David Nickum said, "this award recognizes not just environmental achievements, but leadership in conservation. I can think of nobody who better exemplifies that leadership than Jo Evans."

Congratulations Jo!