My Best Float Trip Ever

I did a float trip on the Gunnison River last weekend. I caught a couple of fish, saw an enormous Golden Eagle, enjoyed outstanding weather, and none of that had anything to do with why this was my best float trip ever. It was my best float trip ever because it was a "perfect storm" of conservation values, dedicated staff and volunteers, and people who are willing to provide financial support for river protection and restoration efforts.

  • The trip was organized for members of Colorado TU's River Stewardship Council, people who contribute at least $1,200 annually. These are people who are serious about protecting rivers and it was a pleasure getting to know people who share my conservation values.
  • The trip was organized by people at all three levels of Trout Unlimited - national, state and local chapter. It was a tremendous demonstration of how powerful and effective we can be when the OneTU concept is applied.
  • The trip included a visit to the Gunnison Ditch Relief project site, giving RSC members a personal, on-the-ground view of how their donations translate into river conservation work.

I encourage you to consider joining the River Stewardship Council. I can't guarantee you the "best float trip ever," but I can guarantee that your money will directly translate to the best river conservation work in the state!

Rick Matsumoto, Vice President Colorado TU