Join the Battle Against Post-Fire Erosion in the Poudre Watershed

The Rocky Mountain Flycasters Chapter of TU has helped establish the High Park Restoration Coalition (HPRC) whose mission is directly related to the restoration of targeted areas within the High Park Fire and Hewlett Gulch Fire burn areas.  These fires created a tremendous negative impact on the Poudre watershed and have also created water quality concerns throughout the Northern Colorado Community.  All of us can help lessen those concerns and begin a procss of ecological healing by simply committing a little time and energy.  As winter approaches, and snow pack increases, the stage is being set for a springtime of more soil erosion accompanied by landslides, flooding, road closures, and threats to fishery habitats in the Poudre. The HPRC is now focused on recruiting volunteers to implement near-term plans for carrying out preventive erosion measures. The complex scheduling, training, supervision, and support required to implement these measures is being coordinated through Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, a HPRC partner.

YOU CAN HELP!  The HPRC needs volunteers to provide labor and support for the remaining projects before the snow accumulates.  Project dates are Friday, October 19th, and Thursday, October 25th.  One hundred or more volunteers are needed for each of these days.

If you are concerned about the impact the fires have had on this wonderful area we are so fortunate to live near, please volunteer to help with these restoration efforts!

To register as a volunteer for either of these projects, please visit Wildlands Restoration Volunteers Sign Up.

Once you have reached the site, scroll down the 2012 projects list to the High Park Post-Fire Restoration project on the date(s) you want to volunteer. These two projects are near the end of a long chronological list of all 2012 Wildland Restoration Volunteer projects.  Click on: "Register Here" and then sign in. When completing the registration form, in the box titled Group Name, enter: RMF TU, and the Rocky Mountain Flycasters Chapter will be recognized for your participation.

We hope to see you there!

Photo courtesy of CNHP/Michael Menefee/LightHawk.