Ferdinand Hayden Chapter Cleans Up!

One of the best ways to involve TU chapter members and the community as a whole in an event that gives back and gets great exposure is through a river cleanup day.  This year, through ongoing support from Teva Footwear, Colorado TU has launched the Great Colorado River Cleanup. Communities all across Colorado are coming together to improve the rivers that are so important to these towns.  This year, the Ferdinand Hayden Chapter was the kickoff chapter for these events – and they started off with a bang! The chapter partnered with the City of Glenwood Springs and helped turn out more than 90 citizens to gather trash along the banks of the Roaring Fork and Colorado Rivers. Andrew McGregor, head of the Glenwood Springs Department of Community Development said “I really appreciated the support and participation from Trout Unlimited.  It’s a great partnership.”

Teams of volunteers scoured steep banks and dense vegetation to get at the trash -   enough to fill more than two and half big dumpsters!  A BBQ at Two Rivers Park was held after the cleanup for all the well deserving volunteers – social time as well as satisfaction for a job well done.

The Ferdinand Hayden Chapter also partnered with the Roaring Fork Conservancy earlier in the year and participated in cleanups with the Town of Carbondale on the Crystal River and on the Frying Pan in Basalt.  Certainly a great way for the chapter to get exposure and contribute to their local waters at the same time.

Great work, Ferdinand Hayden, and stay tuned for more cleanups coming soon!

Article and photos by Ken Neubecker.