Thank You Patagonia!

Colorado TU has been awarded a considerable, unrestricted grant from the Patagonia Store in Denver.

Anyone who is around non-profit funding knows that unrestricted grants are usually the toughest to get because they don’t have ‘strings’ attached – they can be used for just about anything (within reason) - to promote or sustain the mission of the organization.

This grant is particularly appreciated, because we were nominated by the employees of the Patagonia store…that’s right, the people who work in our community and see our positive work for Colorado’s rivers are the ones who nominated us for this significant gift. THAT is much appreciated!

As always, I encourage you to consider spending your hard-earned dollars to support the companies who support who support Colorado TU. Patagonia has been a supporter of Trout Unlimited for many years, but this most recent award reinforces my belief that our mission is sound, our execution is good, and people take notice when you accomplish good things.

Thank you, Patagonia Denver!!

Sinjin Eberle Colorado TU President

Denver's Patagonia store is located at 1431 15th St. (15th & Blake)