Colorado TU Honors Save the Colorado

Colorado TU has honored Save the Colorado with its River Stewardship Award for the consortium’s efforts to protect and restore the Colorado River from its source to the sea.

The award was presented at the 2012 Colorado TU Auction & Gala on Friday evening, March 16. Save the Colorado is a collation of businesses and foundations, spearheaded by the New Belgium Brewing Company with supporting sponsors that include Teva, Patagonia, the Clean Water Fund, National Geographic, Clif Bar, the Environment Foundation, Environment Now and the Kenney Brothers Foundation.

New Belgium CEO Kim Jordan (2nd from left) accepted the award from Colorado TU President Sinjin Eberle (at left). The award is a large scale photograph of blue sky and canyon walls reflecting off the Colorado River by photographer Peter McBride, co-author with Jonathan Waterman of the book, The Colorado River: Flowing through Conflict.

The companies and foundations that created Save the Colorado initially committed nearly $500,000 in funding. “We’re very pleased to honor Save the Colorado and proud of our association with them, said Colorado TU president Sinjin Eberle. “Save the Colorado is a wonderful example of businesses working with non-profit organizations to protect a vital American resource.”

Save the Colorado has been a catalyst for efforts to create broad public awareness of the threats facing the Colorado as well as a financial resource for groups working on-the-ground to protect and restore the river, which runds more than 1,400 miles from its source in the Rocky Mountains to the Sea of Cortez.

More than 30 million people in seven states rely on the Colorado River system for their drinking water. Many more count on the river as a source of water for agriculture, hydro-electric power, recreation and industry. But the Colorado is an overburdened resource, and its waters and wildlife are threatened by an increasing number of dams and diversions, mineral extraction, population growth, invasive species  and the potential impacts of climate change.

Nearly 300 people attended the 2012 Colorado TU Gala and Auction. An outstanding slate of items donated by our loyal and generous supporters were responsible for making it a very successful event. Each year, proceeds from the Gala play a substantial role in funding Colorado TU’s efforts toward river conservation, youth education and on-the-ground restoration projects.

Thank you to all who attended, to all who donated to our auction and to Save the Colorado!