FERC Finds Million Application Deficient

An application for an environmental review of the proposed Flaming Gorge pipeline, submitted by Aaron Million's Wyco Power and Water Inc., has been found deficent by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. In requesting that Mr. Million provide greater specificity in his plans and fill-in gaps in information, the agency also appears to question the appropriateness of being the lead agency for the project's review: "Because the Commission would only have jurisdiction with regard to the proposed hydroelectric development, which is only one component of the proposed 501-mile-long water supply pipeline project, construction of substantial parts of the overall project may require permits from other federal agencies. For the 3,212 acres of federal land you identify in exhibit 3, please identify the responsible federal agencies that manage those lands."

The Flaming Gorge Pipeline, estimated by the Colorado Water Conservation Board to cost nearly $9 billion to build, is known by its detractors as the "most expensive water in Colorado history."

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