What's the Weirdest Thing You've Found Fishing?

Field & Stream Fly Talk by Tim Romano

This past Saturday I competed in the 5th Annual Carp Slam here in Denver that benefits the Denver Chapter of Trout Unlimited. I didn't win, but did raise a ton of money to help the restoration of our home river here in D-town.

The South Platte that runs through Denver is, as you can imagine quite the urban fishery and as such we find quite the litany of weird crap in the river. A friend of a friend even found a dead body fishing one day. This past Saturday was no exception as documented here.

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Then post the strangest thing you've found while fishing on The Greenbacks Facebook page for a chance to win a Simms headwaters waist pack.

Note: He's a modest guy and didn't mention in his post - but a big tip of the hat to Tim Romano for raising the most $$ of any competitor for South Platte river restoration as part of Carp Slam 2011. Congrats, Tim!