Update on "Over the River"

"Over the River" is a proposed art installation by the artist Cristo which would drape large fabric covers over wires installed across the Arkansas River. The project as proposed would cover about 5.9 miles of the Arkansas, in segments spread over a 42-mile reach of the stream. Colorado TU has raised concerns about the project - particularly in terms of potential impacts from sedimentation created by the construction and installation, and in ensuring that designated "Areas of Critical Environmental Concern" are protected. The BLM's Final EIS suggests that harmful impacts to these critical environmental areas are OK, so long as they are ultimately reversible. Colorado TU disagrees with that approach, and believes that Areas of Critical Environmental Concern need to be managed to protect those critical values for which they were designated, not to damage and later repair them. A full copy of our recent comment letter can be read here.

The American Sportfishing Association, which represents members of the sport fishing industry, has developed an action alert on Over the River. If you would like to learn more about their concerns or take action by sending an email to key decisionmakers, click here to visit their action site.