Denver fires up anglers with, yes, carp

By Scott Willoughby The Denver Post

If you tried, you couldn't come up with a sorrier-looking puss to put on a poster than a carp.

And, oh, has it been tried.

"It's the classic 'lemonade' story," Denver Trout Unlimited chapter president Todd Fehr said of the "lemons" that dominate Denver's hometown fishery along the South Platte River. "The Pro-Am Carp Slam started because that's what we had to work with. And the thing is just quirky enough to have taken off."

The irony of using the lowly regarded carp to promote and preserve the would-be habitat of the regal trout is not lost on Fehr. But after years of frustration over the lack of a productive local trout fishery in metro Denver, DTU member Tim Emery suggested in 2007 that the group might try to take advantage of the abundant bugle-mouthed fish that reside in the neighborhood.

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