Colorado Water Diversion Proposal Brings More Controversy

Kirk Siegler (2010-10-21)

GRANBY, CO (KUNC) - A proposal to divert more western Colorado water to the thirsty Front Range is bringing renewed debate over the health of the Colorado River basin. State wildlife commissioners will take public comment Thursday night in Granby on a plan by Northern Water to build a new storage reservoir on the Front Range.

The plan would require more water to be diverted from tributaries feeding Lake Granby and other reservoirs in Grand County.

Erica Stock of Colorado Trout Unlimited says anglers and wildlife advocates are already worried about existing water diversions near the headwaters of the Colorado River, "Which currently remove over half of the Colorado River,."

"And what's going to happen if we take 20% more of the river, how is that going to affect the ecosystem health if we don't address the current ecosystem impacts that we're observing every day today," Stock says.

Stock says taking more water out of the river system could lead to even higher water temperatures and more algae; seen as a detriment to fish.

Wildlife commissioners will hold a public meeting tonight at 6 the Inn at Silver Creek, 62927 US Highway 40, in Granby. © Copyright 2010, KUNC