Best Wild Places: Exploring The Alpine Triangle

Field & Stream The “Alpine Triangle” is a rugged expanse of the San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado, so named by the Bureau of Land Management because the region is loosely contained within the shape made by connecting the towns of Ouray, Lake City, and Silverton. 

I jumped at the opportunity to cover this story when the Field & Stream editors were divvying up the “Best Wild Places” assignments, because the region has been my home away from home for 25 years.  It’s where many of my formative trout fishing adventures happened, and near where I still make an annual elk hunting camp.  It is, without question, my favorite wild place on earth. 

Yet, as familiar as I thought I was with the Alpine Triangle region, I had never experienced it from as many angles as I did on day one of the Trout Unlimited/Field & Stream adventure.  We kicked off the tour with a full-on “Planes, Trains, & Automobiles” agenda…