"Refresh" South Platte River

World Fishing Network Denver's Trout Unlimited chapter has embraced the Pepsi Refresh Project and has submitted their idea for "Refreshing" South Platte River.

This Pepsi program is helping organizations, groups and individuals do some good around their communities by supplying $1, 300, 000 in awards each month. At the beginning of the month "ideas" are submitted for each grant amount and the public is able to vote on the ones they would like to see succeed.

It is called the South Platte Project and their plans for restoring the river don't stop with the clean up. This Trout Unlimited chapter plans on making an environment that will encourage children and youth to get out doors and fishing.

After the area has been cleaned up and all the mandatory adjustments like bank stabilization and low flow channels for boating have been made they plan on stocking the river and with the help of volunteers they will monitor the river's improvement as well as working with the area's young people.

The Denver chapter of Trout Unlimited began the research and planning of the South Platte Project in the spring of 2009 and in February of this year the project was approved and is now underway. They need the financial support being awarded by Pepsi to be successful. You can find out more and help by voting here.