Stream Update From St Vrain Anglers

The St vrain Anglers TU Stream Committee recently met with Boulder County Open Space officials to check in on the status of three Rubicon gates that are being installed on major ditches along the St. Vrain river drainage. Rubicon gates are designed to insure that water, purchased by the cities of Longmont and Lyons to maintain minimum flows in the St. Vrain river, actually flows down the main river channel. A scientific evaluation of the St. Vrain river done by our TU chapter in 2005 to 2006 found that sections of the river were going dry during the winter months due to major ditches diverting the entire river flow. In conjunction with the St. Vrain Corridor Committee, three Rubicon gates were purchased to insure that minimum flows in the river channel were maintained.

We are pleased to announce that one of the rubicon gates is fully operational on the Oligarchy Ditch and the remaining two are partially installed on the Palmerton and Highland Ditches. The ditches should be fully operational by late Spring if all goes well. Maintaining consistent flows in the St. Vrain river is the first step in strengthening the health of the river and the fish and animal life that depend upon the St. Vrain.