Remembering Charlie Meyers

From Denver Post Online By Charles Gauvin: President and CEO, Trout Unlimited

It’s with a deep sense of sadness that we at Trout Unlimited mourn the passing of Charlie Meyers, one of the most influential outdoor communicators of his time, and a tireless champion for fish and wildlife and their habitat.

Charlie will be sorely missed, largely because he was the conscience of the American sportsman – he spoke truth to power eloquently and unabashedly. We didn’t always see eye to eye on every issue, but we were able to communicate candidly and openly in a way I always appreciated. Charlie also represented an old school of outdoor journalists who understood that readers deserve more than knowing where the hatchery truck will stop next; that conservation is the cornerstone to enjoying fish and wildlife, now and in the future. Let’s hope the next generation of writers lives up to the standards Charlie and many of his peers have set.

One of Charlie’s last wishes was unexpected gift – he asked that donations in his name be given to Colorado Trout Unlimited. Even in death, Charlie Meyers still put conservation first.

Godspeed, Charlie, and many thanks for your countless contributions to the cause. The fight to protect wild rivers and wild fish will go on, but we’ve lost an important voice. We hope your words have instilled the needed courage in others who have a passion for the outdoors and the will to challenge those who might try to whittle away at our sporting heritage.