Today's Wilderness Podcast: David Petersen

Durango-based Dave Petersen is on the staff of the Trout Unlimited Sportsmen's Conservation Project.

David is a credible and accomplished outdoorsman who has written extensively about many of his life experiences in the ever vanishing wilderness. We discuss his book “Ghost Grizzlies”, which has recently been released in its 3rd edition, with many new photos’ and information not available before. We talk about the grizzlies that many believe may still exist in the mountains of Colorado, including the 1979 incident involving guide Ed Wiseman and the truly last known Colorado grizzly. David talks about his books “A Man Made of Elk”, “Writing Naturally” (which is a guidebook for anyone wanting to write about the outdoors) and also about a Petersen cult-classic “Racks”, including future plans to re-release much of that books information under a new handle. David shares details about his life and how they have brought him to where he is today, also discussing his very important role with Trout Unlimited.

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