Colorado Department of Natural Resources: Solving Colorado's future water supply needs


March 26, 11:03 AM

I caught up with Trout Unlimited's Western Water Project Director, Melinda Kassen, via telephone last week to discuss the March 16th Interbasin Compact Commitee Meeting and the presentation (pdf) detailing progress on the visioning process for Colorado's water needs that is being spearheaded by DNR Director Harris Sherman.

During the presentation, Kassen -- the only committee member representing the environmental community and recreation -- became alarmed by the Department of Natural Resources' emphasis on transmountain diversions and four pipeline projects as the solution to the Front Range water supply gap.

How did the plan presented mesh with Governor Ritter's, Colorado Promise, she asked herself? Where is conservation and reuse in the plan? What about the idea of smaller, incremental projects to satisfy future needs?