Importance of Ground Water to Colorado

Tuesday, November 18, 2008, 11:00 AMLory Student Center, Room 213

Guest Lecturer, Robert A. Longenbaugh, Consultant Water Engineer is a two-time CSU Alumni and ex-professor.  He has over 47 years experience working in the ground water profession with 19 years teaching and applied groundwater research at Colorado State University (1960-1980); followed by 11 years (1981-91) as Assistant State Engineer for groundwater for Colorado.

As Assistant State Engineer he coordinated the Engineering data analyses and testimony in the US Supreme Court Law suite by Kansas against Colorado on the Arkansas River Basin.  Since 1991, he has done part time groundwater consulting and conducted a variety of educational classes.

Lecture topics

Description of the major aquifers in Colorado and current issues controlling their use

History and issues of conjunctive use in Colorado

Focus on alluvial aquifers, such as the South Platte

Need for legislative and administrative change to allow us to optimize the use of both ground and surface water

Discussion on potential employment for both graduate and undergraduate students in the ground and surface water fields

Event Contact: Domenico Bau can be reached at (970) 491-6060

Sponsored by Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering