Conejos River 8 cfs below Platoro Reservoir; Poor: 68 cfs at Mogote; Fair

From Nov. 3 Northern New Mexico Fishing Report  Fishing Report Conejos River 8 cfs below Platoro Reservoir; Poor: 68 cfs at Mogote; Fair Ocotber 22, 2008 Lots of fun to walk up the river right now and see some very large fish. They are catchable and I had a couple guys today that hooked some really large fish. Lots of fish on the redds on the lower river and upper river if you ever want to walk up the river and see how many big fish are really in this river it is alot of fun. Griffiths gnats, red quills, BWO's and small midge patterns are the tick. Rainbow Warriors, Cones, and KF midges were the best flies. Light tippets, longish leaders, and good presentations help. Nicer weather on the way so expect some good fishing in the days to come. We are still catching some large to very large Pike in the Rio as well as some carp and browns. Shop will stop regular hours October 29. Please I ask each of you that fish this river and care about its future, make a donation to the Conejos Habitat Project! It is tax deductable and will make a huge difference in the future of the river. Send checks to Trout Unlimited c/o Conejos Habitat Project, P.O. Box 503, Alamosa, CO 81101. We spent Saturday and Sunday (Troy Smith, Rob Scott, Kari and my kids,) chasing big browns that had been trapped by the sudden drop in flows in little side channels. There are many more to be saved if any of you have the time. You will need a cooler and some nets. Call me and I can help you with where they are trapped. 719-376-5660 " Jon Harp, of Conejos River Anglers provided the preceeding report.