Call For Volunteers

As if you didn’t already have plenty to do this summer, we’d like to add another activity to your calendar. The Buffalo Peaks Volunteer Weekend Camping Extravaganza will be July 26 and 27. I know, we’ve set dates for this no less than three times before, but this time we’re sure. Absolutely. Positively. Unless something comes up. Like the water level. Or bad weather. Or some other unpredictable act of Mother Nature!

Volunteers can expect the work to be mildly strenuous. We’ll be planting willows, creating seeding and netting areas, and removing old fences. Plan on bringing a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, work gloves and perhaps a change of clothes. More details as we get closer.

We’re going to have some fun too! Mainly, we’ll reserve some time for fishing, but we’d also like to know if people are interested in staying over on Saturday night - camping at BPR or lodging in Fairplay. This would allow us to incorporate a volunteer dinner. Of course, volunteers should feel free to give whatever time they can spare on either day.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please email Sinjin Eberle at: